Polson Real Assets Partners with Zoya to Offer Halal Real Estate Exposure

Polson Real Assets Partners with Zoya to Offer Halal Real Estate Exposure

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Zoya and Polson Real Assets, a halal investment cooperative based in Seattle. By leveraging Zoya's powerful portfolio screening and monitoring tools, Polson Real Assets will efficiently manage their public markets portfolio in full accordance with shariah compliance guidelines, enabling them to offer access to diversified, high-yield investment opportunities in the real assets sector.

Operating with a unique member-driven model, Polson Real Assets allows individuals and families to make regular investments and participate in key decisions. The cooperative focuses on real estate and infrastructure, with the aim of generating steady income for its members. By channeling savings into a mix of public and private assets, Polson promotes healthy financial habits while empowering members to build wealth over the long-term in line with their values.

The cooperative intends to deploy capital primarily within the North American real assets economy over several decades. This long-term approach roots members in their local communities while providing a sensible path to grow wealth through strategic investments.

"At Zoya, our mission is to bridge Islamic values and modern finance, empowering Muslims to confidently grow their wealth," said Saad Malik, CEO and Co-Founder of Zoya. "We're proud to support Polson Real Assets in their journey to provide shariah-compliant investment opportunities that deliver both financial returns and peace of mind."

Through this partnership, Polson Real Assets will utilize Zoya's advanced screening tools to efficiently monitor their public markets portfolio. This will ensure that any future additions to their portfolio align with the halal real assets sector, enabling them to maintain the highest standards of shariah compliance.

"Our partnership with Zoya represents an exciting step forward for Polson Real Assets," said Thomas Polson, General Partner. "With their advanced tools for shariah-compliant investing, we can provide our members with an even greater level of assurance that their investments are both financially sound and ethically aligned."

Polson Real Assets members gain direct exposure to real estate, infrastructure, and commodities. As a member-driven cooperative, it provides numerous benefits, including the ability to join individually or through various entities, budget-friendly recurring contributions, and the option to hold membership for years or even decades.

This partnership marks an important milestone in the growth of shariah-compliant investing. By combining Polson Real Assets' expertise in the real assets sector with Zoya's investment tools, we are making it easier for Muslim investors to grow their wealth in a way that is aligned with their faith.

To learn more and become a member, visit polson.company

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